Our purpose at J. Martin & Company, P.C. is to provide the best accounting, tax and consulting services to help our clients achieve their personal and financial goals and reach their maximum potential.

We endeavor to offer our clients a desirable alternative to the large national firms and the small, single focus firms.  The sophistication of our practice and the expertise of our professionals are the equal of large firms, while our size allows us to provide greater personal attention, staffing with continuity and cost efficiency that are often encountered by clients dealing with large, bureaucratic organizations.  We work closely with our clients to eliminate inefficiencies and make use of paraprofessionals to perform specific functions that otherwise would have to be performed by accountants at significantly greater cost to the client.  Similarly, we are committed to incorporating new technology into our practice in order to improve efficiency.  

Our clients range from established businesses to start-up ventures with the annual revenues of $250,000 to $650,000,000. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, construction and real estate organizations, energy and chemical companies, marketing and promotion operations, retail establishments, professional service companies, and insurance companies.  The majority of our clients are located in the State of Texas but we do provide services for clients in other states and countries.